Wheel Chair Racing

My uncle is disabled. He has been disabled for nine years, his name is John Smith. He trains at the Weir Archer Academy and he also teaches children. On the 21st of January he went to Dubai with my grandfather to race in a marathon and he won it! For winning the marathon he got a certificate in a frame, a medal and £2,000!! I am so proud of my uncle, he works so hard. Thank you for reading this.

By Laynie Dighton Year 6


My Uncle is a Champion!

My uncle ‘John Boy’ is in a wheelchair. He does wheel chair racing in a special wheel chair. He trains with David Weir at a track and most days on the roads around West Kingsdown, you might have seen him? He trains from the top of Wrotham Hill all the way to Brands Hatch Hotel and back again! He does a lot of racing for Stoke Mandeville and we can go and watch him.

By Louise Dighton Year 3